Projects I'm Interested In

If you want an off-the-shelf design / reproduction of something I've previously designed, or are only completing the project to satisfy permitting requirements, I won't be interested. If you care about creating the right design solution, please email me some information about the project at "tracy (at)".

Odds are good that I'll be interested in working on your graphic design or illustration project if it's something like:

  • Designing interpretive signs or a brochure for a nature preserve or interpretive trail
  • Illustrating a short story or designing a cover for a book
  • A project pertaining to ecology, wildlife, conservation, the Cascadian bioregion
  • A project involving my special interests: hiking, biking / alternative transportation, graphic novels, science fiction, street art, bats

Find Me Elsewhere Online

  • Behance - a more up-to-date portfolio of my illustration and design work
  • My blog, Cascadia Inspired - I write about accomplishing creative goals and finding inspiration in nature
  • LinkedIn - I only accept invitations with a personal message - tell me why you'd like to connect