I wanted a portfolio page that didn't look like everyone else's, instead opting for a design that highlights my love of art nouveau styling. My illustration skills set me apart from other graphic designers, so I chose to emphasize those in the page design by incorporating both the stylized vector graphics of the frame as well as the fully painted 'muse' centerpiece. I created the frame in Illustrator, adding raster effects in Photoshop. The woman was painted entirely in Photoshop.

Ease of use was another important consideration in the design. I choose a narrow frame for the content so that lines of text would be an easily-readable length. I also used relatively large type for ease of reading. See the colophon for more specific design details.

Early concept of homepage

Early design concept.

Page in development

Early design development.

Early stage footer

Early stage footer design.

Final footer design

Final footer design.